Why now is the time

to embrace AI

Why now is the time

to embrace AI

Transform your business with

advanced AI and Automation

Transform your business with

advanced AI and Automation

Dedicate your resources to what matters most by automating manual operations.

Why now is the time

to embrace AI

Explore our AI-driven solutions

Tailored automation across all business functions to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Predictive analytics

Revolutionize your business strategies with our cutting-edge predictive analytics solutions.

Demand forecasting

Enhance your supply chain efficiency with our advanced demand forecasting tools.

Cost estimation

Optimize your financial planning with our advanced cost and performance estimation tools.

Customer support

Transform your customer service operations with our AI-driven support systems.

Project management

Simplify project with our AI tools designed to automate tasks and enhance collaboration.

Lead management

Optimize your lead funnel with targeted AI automation.

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“At AI Data Consultancy, we are very proud to have collaborated with Osigris in developing their advanced artificial intelligence. José Sernandes, CEO of Osigris, shared his gratitude with us and explained how our assistance was crucial in creating a chatbot that integrates all phytosanitary regulations. Thanks to this tool, farmers can quickly and easily access essential information to combat pests like aphids in olive trees. We deeply appreciate José and his entire team for their trust in us.”

Our work process

Book your free discovery call

On this call you’ll share a little more about your company, the processes you have in place, and we will suggest areas in which AI can help you.

Planning & strategy session

If we’re a fit, after the discovery call we will start planning the course of action. We’ll schedule a strategy session call where we will share with you the next steps.


Once we’ve agreed on the strategy and plan of action, we get to work and start Implenting AI inside your business processes.

Testing + Training ( if needed )

Once we’re ready with the Implementation, we will share complete detail about the automation and start looking for potential areas of improvement.

Schedule your free consultation

Let’s discuss how our AI solutions can transform your business. Book a time below.

Our technology stack – Tools & platforms we utilize

We have developed comprehensive processes utilising the best tools for all your AI solutions. Our team is at the forefront of the AI industry, ensuring that as the technology evolves, we grow and expand, consistently staying two steps ahead of both your and our competitors.